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Welcome to my brand new card collection for 2021. My inspiration for this year derives from Nature and the increased importance in getting outdoors, all of which can be seen in my Modern Botanical collection that seeks to bring the outside in.


I have also taken cue from our need to connect with one another in my Message in a Bottle series, and there are new designs which have been added to all of my existing collections, notably the luxuriously larger square cards for my Christmas 2021 range. 


All cards have been taken directly from my original watercolour paintings that I create in my new seaside studio. The paintings are printed onto 280gsm watercolour card stock to maintain the effect of the original artwork.

Painted, printed and packed in the UK.

To request a price list or any further wholesale information, simply click on the button below.


Modern Botanical

Emma's signature botanical watercolours captured beautifully in these art cards


Message in a Bottle

Keep in touch with loved ones by sending them your own message in a bottle


Christmas 2021

These exquisite cards are a joy to give and to receive.


Square (6" x 6")

All of Emma's bestselling and brand new 6" x 6" (15 x 15cm) cards collected together in one place


Occasion cards

These cards have been painted in an illustrative style, with designs dedicated to occasions and seasonal celebrations.


Artist's palette

The bestselling Artist Palette range taken directly from actual colour swatches used regularly in the studio.


Brand new for 2021, my Bestseller Packs are a convenient way to order a quick top up or introductory pack, whilst making sure you're stocked with only the bestselling cards.

There are currently 2 bestseller packs: The Happy Bestseller Pack and The Christmas Bestsellers. I will be adding to the range of bestseller packs for the upcoming seasons, which will be regularly updated to include only the most popular cards.

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Simply email me in my studio with the product codes and quantities and I will handle the rest!

Thank you!

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